Dj Nightscapen especial xmas

Beastmilk from Helsinki, Finland
Post-Punk. Album: Climax, 2013
Track: Love In a Cold World

Arctic Flowers from Portland, Oregon, US
Post-Punk. Album: Weaver, 2014
Track: Dirges Dwell

Goth Rock. Album: The Hating Tree, 1996
Track: How It Came To Be This Way

Lost Tribe from Richmond, Virginia, US
Deathrock. Album: Solace, 2014
Track: Century

Cabaret Grey from Poland
Post-Punk and Deathrock. Album: Stirring, 2011
Vocals by Salomea Wrona, now sings on The Nightchild from Ukraine
Track: Grey Lights


This Cold Night from Austin, Texas, US
Darkwave/coldwave. Album: We Of Like Minds, 2014
Track: Falling Apart

The Spiritual Bat from Italy
Goth Rock. Album: Mosaic, 2014
Track: Mosaic (title track)

Legion from UK
Goth Rock. Album: Unknown, plucked from Various Artists AF Music “Join the dark side – we have the music!”
Track: Collapse

Lotus Feed from Cologne, Germany
Goth Rock. New single, released 9th of December 2014
Track: Supervision

Cold Comfort from Ukraine
Post-Punk, Dark Synth. Album: Modern Crypts, 2014
Track: Guillotine Fake


The Foreign Resort from Copenhagen, Denmark
Post-Punk. Album: New Frontiers, 2014
Track: Dead End Roads

Les Fleurs Du Mal from Stockholm, Sweden
Goth Rock. Album: Concrete Ravings, 2013
Track: Concrete Ravings

Sweet Ermengarde from Bochum, Germany
Goth Rock. Album: Raynham Hall, 2013
Track: A Promise To Fulfill

Soulscape from California
Goth Rock. Single from 2013
Track: Winter Light

Soulscape from California
Goth Rock. Single from 2009
Track: End of Ages (Elevation)


DJ Nightscape Episode - 5



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