CrackDown was formed in Aarhus, Denmark in January 2015. Kim Holm and Lasse Mønsted have both become active in the alternative scene as artists and promoters before they prepare to create a new kind of sound together.
The sound of CrackDown is hard to label – it creates a fusion between the alternative electro sound from the eighties with modular soundscapes (created on machines from the same era), melodic songs

Some of his works like “Smiles a Lot“, “Russia Do You Hate Me” and “Sun” produced between 2015 and 2016 can be found at

We had a little conversation with this great project and were very pleased by the reception of this duo.

Acidic Infektion: Who are Kim Holm and Lasse Mønsted on CrackDown and what are you looking for?

CrackDown: CrackDown are just two regular guys, from Denmark, sharing a mutual interest in electronic/industrial music. Lasse is the main songwriter, programmer, singer and lyricist while Kim is the mastermind behind CrackDown’s modular soundscapes. We try to infuse our music with clean digital sounds combined with analogue modular sounds and we are looking for new ways to enhance CrackDown’s soundscapes. We use a lot of samples when creating our songs, and its a way of mixing clean syntheziser sounds, with sounds from everyday life.

Acidic Infektion: Tell us a little bit about your singles and how you feel about attending shows and feeling the audience’s reception live?

CrackDown: We both have regular jobs and we both work a lot. So making singles to expose our music through, is the best working process for us. We tend to write a lot of songs, and selects the songs we think are the strongest, and we usually end out with a couple of strong melodies that soothes us both. Our working process allows us to put out one or two singles a year, sometimes more if we have the material for it. There is no limit, and no agenda. We talked a little about collecting all our singles, and release this as some kind of bundle/best of. Its always a really great and warm feeling to be allowed to perform in front of an audience. The audience is an important drive for us, and we are happy to receive any kind of support from our audience. Being on stage puts us both in an altered kind of mind, and we are really focused when on stage. The main point for us is to get our music exposed around the world, and we are ready to do a live gig anywhere invited.

Acidic Infektion: How can you create these melodies, rescue that electro sonority, that oldschool feeeling and hypnotic sounds, melancholic ambient and at the same time strong essence?

CrackDown: We live in a place where we have these really long, dark, cold and grey winters which also are a driving force behind our sound. When you live in an environment with darkness throughout the winter, you get affected by it and its also a huge part of CrackDown’s expression. Creating these melancholic soundscapes is natural part of us as human beings, and we tend to get inspired from the world surrounding us, hence the long and cold winters. We dont see ourselves as being particularly depressed or “dark” people, but we seek inspiration from the world surrounding us, and again, the weather here affects us both as musicians. When creating our songs, we dont have any pre decided agenda, and we just try to roll with whatever sound is created first, be it a bassline, string chords, samples or drumbeat. Its important to us to keep our sound clean, warm, thick and analogue though its not a thing we put a lot of thought into, it kinda just happens as we go along. As mentioned Kim is the mastermind behind our modular soundscape and we tend to sample these modular synths a lot, and it provides us we an endless stream of fat and analogue sounds. We also have this old russian syntheziser from sometime in the early 80´s which we use a lot, and combining programming with these samples hepls us creating and keeping CrackDown sound as it is.

Acidic Infektion: Leave a message to your fans and listeners in Brazil?

CrackDown: Thank you all for your kind support, it means a lot to us. Hope to see you in Brazil someday. All of the best wishes from CrackDown.


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